Wearable Tech Seminar in Shanghai for Sun Lovers (or haters)!

Impact10x was delighted to share the story of our UV Protection Wearable device to a room of technology and business professionals at IC CAFE a technology incubator and investment fund located in Shanghai. Please check out the summary of the talk on UV Protection Wearable and Smart Garment technology by IC Cafe.

Here were the highlights of what we covered:

Love the Sun!  Health Care App and Smart Garment hardware solutions: We are entering a golden age in the evolution of IT where better information, automation and connectivity will transform every industry in the next 10 to 20 years.  Industries that have not changed in a long time (for example: health care, clothing, and consumer goods companies) are all on the verge of disruption through technology.  Combine this technology pressure with people’s new attitudes about fitness, health and environmental stewardship and there is a massive opportunity for many new businesses to form.

In this presentation we will talk about some of the broad trends in the technology industry including Mobile technology, Apps and wearable devices and how this has created innovative o2o, sharing economy and IOT business models which are disrupting traditional businesses.  We will then deep dive on Impact10x’s  Sun Care technology platform which includes Health App technology and Smart Garment hardware solutions.

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